Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps)

Having seen Rusty G's play a few times over the years, I've been impressed by their development, commitment and execution of the rock cause.

Bernie Torme (Gillan/Ozzy Osbourne)

Rusty G's really Rock! Every gig they did with us they really kicked ass, great songs and a great performance! I couldn't believe that 2 people could make that much of a good noise....I'm jealous! Can we support you when you are hitting the enormodomes?????

Steve Conte of New York Dolls/Michael Monroe (2015)

And it was the final night playing with our support band, Rusty G's, they're a really cool guitar/drum duo... Check them out if you get the chance. (2015)

With veterans like Tad reappearing in various guises, and Melvins still pursuing their singular rock and roll journey there ought to be room for these lads to make a big name for themselves. It's also very refreshing to hear a guitarist/vocalist not trying to be Matt Bellamy, and willing to stamp his own identity on the scene. (2015)

They did a good job of getting all the old rockers in the house clapping along to it. They are worth checking out as a support act.

Majick Music Group (MMG) (2012)

Having worked with Rusty G's for sometime, we have a great insight to the commitment and ethos behind the band but the live performances just speak for themselves with a great flow courtesy of the impressively tight backline and the 'can't stand still' showmanship of the enigmatic front man/guitarist. With a band as visually exciting as this, it's no surprise that they hold the main support booking for the upcoming Properstock 2012 Festival. Rusty G's don't just deliver visually, they have a great, dynamic sound with driving backbeats and riff lead tunes that are captivating and lead to any crowd appreciating the show. Recently featured in Kerrang's local heroes MMG think these guys should be held up to a higher title, check them out at a show near you, buy a CD and get involved!

Live and Unsigned - Bedford (13th February 2011)

So much power you make an excellent trio, good use of the whole performance area. Great drummer and great vocals.

Bedford Alternative Music (31st March 2011)

Late additions to the line-up THE RUSTY Gs were a scoop to have on, my first thought was how amazing their sound is when you consider there are just three in the band, yet are producing a staple diet of rock at its best, with some grunge influences, especially coming to the fore with their Nirvana cover. The energy fuelled way their guitarist moves around immediately kills any notion that they are boring performers live and show a great balance of music and performance ability to an uncompanionably high level. I couldnt help thinking of AC/DC with the way their guitarist moved around. This band look as though they would comfortably play a big stage or a small venue alike and put on a great show at either. This was their first time in Bedford and they were most welcome, a case of good rock sounds, performed well.

Live and Unsigned Final - Bedford (2nd April 2011)

Nice full sound packed with great energy in the performance.

The Luton Scene (11th April 2011)

I caught these guys live over a year ago at the Horn in St. Albans. I was impressed by their set and musicianship - but there was only a couple of tracks that really stood out for me and grabbed. Now with the release of this latest 3 track E.P [Cut Off] my perception of them has changed dramatically. Held Down - Starts off quietly with the verse that has nice blues arpeggios & percussive cymbals - then leaps into a rocking, emotive - but catchy chorus. Blues Rock is the dominant force all through the track so has a nice 70's Rock feel - also can hear 90's Indie.

Lost Words - Starts off similar to Held Down with the verse - contains slow paced drumming with bass and downstroke/muted guitar strumming - like Held Down the vocals remind me of Biffy Clyro. It then jumps into the chorus where immediately I hear the Grunge influence, especially the Vines. You would class it as a Grunge song but then you hear a Bluesy solo - giving the band their own style really.

Losing You - The opening guitar lick reminds me a little of Ocean Colour Scene - then the drums & bass kick in and I'm brought back to 70's Blues Rock again. The vocals are quite different this time - more reverb and I can hear bands like Foghat and Ten Years After. Certainly this is the most classic sounding on the E.P. Groovy verses and bridge with a really rocking chorus.

End - They have created a very strong release here and I just hope they'll reap rewards with the quality of output and hard work over the last four years.

Rusty G's will be playing Dunstable a few times this year at the Kings Lynn and Saracen's Head respectively. Be sure to check them out - I certainly will.